Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I don't remember it starting this early

Kelsey came home from school the other day and informed me that she was one of the kids in her class that did NOT own boots. She was really upset. I blew her off and told her we lived in Arizona and boots would be pretty hot. She informed me that the other mothers did not think so. I had to laugh. I told her I would see what I could do.
So about a week later I was shopping with her at Target. These hot pink boots were on clearance. So apparently I was right! Fleece filled boots in Arizona are not selling well? She found them and put them on... It was love at first sight. They were boots. They were pink. They were soft as can be!!!!!
So she now has her boots!!!! Yes I caved! But she is happy. She is no longer the kid withouts boots in class anymore:)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Fresh citrus is so very yummy!!!!

When we first moved to Arizona 13 years ago, I was so excited about the citrus. I ate kumquats for the first time! They are great by the way! I thought it was crazy that people had trees and let their fruit rot! Who does that!!! Well someone that is tired of citus I suppose. I am not! My Dad has quite a few trees. I must say we are spoiled. I have not bought an orange in years!!

Aren't they gorgeous?

This is my juicer. I love it!!!! It has been in great working order for over a decade.

After hours of standing at my counter. I line my fridge up with these... So yummy fresh orange juice.
I even fill water bottles. They are great for on the go.Sometimes I wonder if my family enjoys this as much as I do... AND THEY DO!!!!
The first thing Kyler said when he came home and smelled the citrus smell was,"Mom? Can I get a glass of that?" I only wish I could squeeze it as fast as we drink it!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Frank is funny. He was off 2 days last week. We had ALOT on our list to do. I believe it was 2 pages of things to do. We was at Home Depot. He passed the garden section and saw "seeds" Aren't they neat? I want those.....So he bought them.

He comes home. I can not find him anywhere? He is in the backyard. We have an area that is "undecided" Water was not hooked up to it yet (another project) The spot was vacant!

Well not any more. I am not sure what he planted. I am not sure if it will grow. But I do know this..... Frank is excited! That is all that counts right???

Tomorrow Frank is tackling the swing set the kids got for Christmas. The directions state is will take 8 hours to complete... I really hope he stays on task!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Brenlie has a ouchie!!!

Brenlie is a challenge. We love her. She is afraid of absolutely NOTHING!!! But today she got hurt doing something ever so simple.... I was in the family room. She was watching TV. She was rolling around on the floor. I thought she hit her head on the couch. I told her it was going to be OK and rubbed her head. She informs me it is her arm. At this point I am wondering how she could of hurt her arm on the floor. I tell her to settle down.
After awhile I get annoyed of her whining. She has not fallen. Why all the noise? I tell her it better be good for all the whining I am hearing. (right then I knew I had said the wrong thing)
At that point I "knew" something was not right. I made an appointment with our doctor and we decided it was a buckle fracture. You do not cast this. I got a slip for an xray and left with a splint. It made all the difference in the world. I am hoping this will slow her down... Not sure if it will....
Crazy kid!!! So be careful out there, you can hurt yourself rolling around on the floor!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kelsey's 6th Birthday

Today is Kelsey's Big day!!!She is 6. She mentioned today brushing her teeth that she thought she was a little bit taller. So cute!

Frank had to work the late shift. We decided to take her to breakfast. It was a hit!!! She felt special. We ate at McDonald's and played a bit. Then she was off to school. I promised her I would bring her lunch....

Unfortunately Kelsey's lunch is at 10:30. I have always been against such an early lunch time for these kids. I told her I would bring nuggets and fries. Apparently the restaurant agreed that ordering food at 10:15 is still BREAKFAST!!! So the poor thing got breakfast twice today!

Brenlie and I went out on the playground with her and had a nice time meeting her friends. I make brownie bite the night before. I left those for snack.

Next stop was making a cake ands wrapping presents..... I make cupcakes. They were pink:) She was very happy about that.


Finished product.....

Kelsey enjoyed her presents. I think she liked her Princess sheets the best. She got "her own" nail polish and bubble bath!!

I also found her a jewelry box... (great deal at Kohl's)

Time to blow out the candles....

I am not sure why we have to be so goofy... but whatever works!!!!

Kelsey is an amazing girl. She loves art and is a great sister. Kelsey loves to interact and is a joy to have around! Happy Birthday Kelsey!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One year

The first week in January marks our first year in this home. We have painted 75% of the interior. Put in the front yard, planted grass,put in cement,a fountain,water system,rocks, cabinet handles,door knobs, ceiling fans, lights.....Not sure if I can remember all the projects. One area in my house has remained unfinished. My dining room. Up to this point was a pool table (without the cloth) Since Frank and I could not agree on the final location of the pool table. We did nothing. It looked like this.

Now I have to move and reorganize this.....

But the end result is this!!!!

I am not done. I have to paint my 4th wall in my bedroom. It is an extra room within my bedroom. I will put my desk there. I am hoping to scrapbook and have my sewing there. I will then put the pool table where the desk was and have a game room downstairs!!! Let's just say the boys are pretty thrilled to have the pool table up and running again. I am waiting for the cloth to come in the mail.

I have to thank my Mom and Corbin for the dining table. It has been in our family for more than 20 years. I am happy to continue to use in in mine. The only problem was the table was in Tucson. Thanks Dad for the day trip and the use of your trailer!!! It looks great!!!!

I am off to finish my wall....(notice the work in the yard that still needs to be done!!!)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Flagstaff and the snow

I hear the same question over and over!!! "Mom ??? Can we go to the snow?" Brenlie has been a great excuse. The baby is too little. Even Brenlie wants to go. And by the way... She is not a baby!!! It is only 3 hours away!!! I am told if we get up at 6. Leave at 7, we can get to the snow by 10. Play til 3pm. Then be home by 6pm. Sounds pretty simple huh?

Honestly.... it was. The kids made the sandwiches. They packed the car. They got up early and dressed the little ones....

Looking at these pictures, I would say it was WORTH it!

Kilean and her friend Ashley.

Kilean and Kelsey








Kyler had the best time sledding. He is a daredevil at heart. He learned how to steer his torn up sled we found. He was fun to watch. Kelsey loved it as well. She was scared but did not want anyone to know....

Brie'el and Brenlie. Brenlie loved the snow. She spent all day picking it up and eating it!

Kelsey and Jodi


Brie'el and Brett

I love this picture of Brenlie...

Kyler had a fun time making snow angels.

Kyler and Brett

snow angel


Brie'el and Brett

Brie'el and her EGG BOX. Brett found this box and Brie'el would wrapp it around herself and sled down the hill with it. It was pretty funny!

Brett loves to snow board. He found 2 pieces of plastic on the ground and gave it a shot!!!

Brie'el falls

Into Brett!!!

Kilean thinks that looks like fun!!



Group shot

Kyler loved this sled. I am going to buy a few for the next time we go.

This is a pretty big group. I was so excited to have ALL 7 of my kids go. Kilean brought Ashley and Brei'el brought Brett. It took 2 cars but we had a blast!!!

I am happy we went. I did not want to go. If everyone did not give me so much grief about it.... I would of stayed at home. Great memories guys!!